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Get All This & More With A Peak Transportables Structure

When it comes to deciding on a Granny Flat, Donga or Portable Building, there’s no shortage of choices.

What there is a shortage of is quality…

And quality is just one of the key things that customers love about us and what makes Peak Transportables stand out!

With a Peak Transportables structure the benefits are many, and some of them are…

Save money twofold – Not only do you get to save thousands because we make them right here, but you also get the added benefit of using our vast experience in portable building design & manufacturing.

Design it and we’ll build it – In 99.9% of cases, if you have a granny flat sketch or design you like we can build it for you using our custom designed granny flat services.

It’s an asset for your home or business – There was a time when portable buildings and granny flats were treated as second-class citizens in the housing and building industry, but not any longer.

Our granny flats and portable buildings are assets that add value to your home or business, and they can even be used as a rental to help you pay off your home sooner, if that is something you’re thinking about.

Portability – With us you get a truly portable building with a high grade steel welded frame that helps reduce twisting and warping, which is really handy if you move it around a lot.

Affordable – Have you ever wanted to add a room to your house, or thought about moving because you needed more room or just wanted more space?

Our portable buildings are an affordable alternative for these reasons and many more, and they come in at a fraction of the cost you’d pay to sell, relocate or renovate.

Built To Last and Price guarantees – Our Built To Last guarantee is simple. It protects you against your portable building frame warping or rotting for 25 years, the frame structure for 10 years, and we guarantee that the price we quote is the price it costs, so there are no hidden fees.

Flat pack delivery – All Peak Transportables are delivered in flat pack form that makes them easy to assemble, and the instructions are written in plain English that anyone can understand.

Need installation? – No worries. We can install your granny flat on sloping surfaces or concrete slabs, arrange the plumbing and electrical, and everything else in between.

A hundred and one uses – Many of our customers use their portable building for more than one purpose. Some use it for a home office in the day and a guest room at night. Others use them as craft rooms, media rooms, holiday homes and entertainment rooms.

Air conditioning, wheelchair ramps, Colorbond roofing and more – Only an Peak Transportables structure gives you a range of inclusions other services may charge you for. They come standard with Colorbond roofing, a choice of floor finishes, windows and doors, and matching Colorbond guttering, if that’s what you’d like

You can also modify them with verandahs, wheelchair ramps, add an air conditioner or two, and other luxuries from home.

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Fill In The Form And Get Free Instant Pricing Now!

Your details will not be shared or rented to anybody