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Tiny House Builders in Brisbane turn Shipping Containers into Homes

Between people living longer and the exponential increase in expenses, home ownership can seem out of your reach. Population growth without increased land availability keeps the market small, and those that do sell can get top-dollar due to scarcity. If you’re a first-time buyer in Brisbane, you could be looking at a multi-million-dollar investment to build a house on a modest piece of land.

Unsurprisingly, people are seeking alternative routes to homeownership that address the extreme cost and lack of space. Shipping container tiny houses are the comprehensive solution. Peak Transportables works with aspiring homeowners to produce safe, durable, and stylish shipping container tiny homes across QLD. Our tiny house builders give Brisbane house hunters a practical solution that is cost-efficient, long-lasting, and ecologically beneficial.

Upcycled: From Shipping Container to Stylish Home

Innovators in house building have discovered that these containers make an exceptional low-cost building material that is flame and termite resistant. Instead of traditional resources such as wood, brick, concrete, or steel-beam, which require a fresh batch for each build, upcycled shipping containers provide the main walls, floor and ceiling already intact. For each shipping container house made, tonnes of steel are upcycled while sparing a comparable amount of traditional resources.

Our tiny home builders in Brisbane are fully licensed and certified to produce immaculate homes quickly and within budget. Call today for a chat with our team. Once you decide to join the small home revolution, we’ll go over regulations and permits making sure you understand the local codes. Next is the fun part where you get to design the blueprint and select the décor for your home.

Unlike traditional homes which must be built atop the land where they will sit, these container homes, much like manufactured homes, are built off-site and delivered to your property. This portability can be transferable so that you take your home anywhere life places you. We also offer flat-pack delivery for those who want to build their unit themselves.

Longevity and Your Shipping Container Tiny House

The durability of material makes shipping container houses a sound investment. Our buildings receive a cyclone rating for wind safety and will not bend, warp, or crack. We stand by our no-hassle pricing, never charging more than is quoted and offer quality-assurance guarantees against warp and rot for 25 years and frame deterioration for ten years.

New builds last more than 25 years with proper location-based maintenance. For example, diligent weather coating for erosion protection extends both the aesthetics and structural integrity of the home. Steel ironically corrodes in salt water, so shipping containers are fortified with a protective coating. We bolster all our buildings with this protective coating allowing for coastal placement.

Although cost-efficiency is one of the selling points of container homes, your home can be as minimal or elaborate as you want. Talk to us about any inclusions you may desire including accessibility features, appliances, and air conditioning. Best yet, our tiny homes for sale in Brisbane have retained their value after multiple relocations! Stop waiting for the “right moment,” start your journey towards homeownership today.

Fill In The Form And Get Free Instant Pricing Now!

Your details will not be shared or rented to anybody